Friday, 22 July 2011

UV rays, gel nails and goodbyes

I have a mole on my ribs and was sunbathing earlier on so I covered the mole in suncream to protect it more than my other skin and I got a little pink apart from a 4cm left-to-right circle surrounding the mole which has stayed glowing white. hahah. I'll have to get a picture before it fades.

I also got my nails done the other day for the first time. I've wanted them done for a long time and my mum paid for it for me while she took my brother shoe shopping. Somewhat patronising as it felt similar to childcare lol but I got my nails done all pretty so I accepted it! I'll get a picture of that up too at some point.

Going to Melbourne tomorrow for the next part of my holiday. I'll be saying bye to my mum for about a year which will suck but things are looking up and a more certain time to see her again is set so it'll be ok :)

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